By Steve Baker.

The Game.

You have to connect the water that's spurting out of the outlet across the grid and into the outlet.
  • Press '1', '2', '3', '4' to select a pipe segment and then rotate it using PageUp/PageDown.
  • When you have it where you want it, press 'Enter' to go onto the next segment.
  • If you make a mistake, you can backup by pressing 'Backspace' or 'Delete'.
  • You can spin the camera around the framework using the arrow keys.
  • Pressing 'R' restarts the level.
  • 'Space' pops up the menu bar.
  • 'H' brings up a minimal help display.
  • Hit ESCAPE or ^C to exit the game.
You score points according to the time you take, the amount of water you waste and the number of sections of pipe you use.

Downloading and Installation.

So far, there are only good build instructions for Linux - on anything else, you are in uncharted terratory - although the game should be quite portable. You'll need:
  • A hardware accellerated OpenGL implementation (OpenGL or Mesa).
  • A sound card.
  • GLUT 3.7 or later : You probably got a copy of GLUT (The OpenGL Utility Toolkit) with Mesa or whatever OpenGL you installed. If you didn't then you can get it from
  • PLIB : This is my portable games library. You can find that here. Compile and install it.
  • TOOBULAR : Yep - it's time to grab the game itself. Totally Toobular: Version 0.0.1. Gunzip/untar it and read the README file.
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Mailing Lists

There are three Toobular mailing lists:
  • A low traffic list for announcements: <>
  • A list for toobular users: <>
  • A list for developers of toobular: <>
To subscribe to any of these lists, visit Toobular's Sourceforge page

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